Our STory

I’m a mama of twins who was beside herself trying to stay sane the first year our kids were born. Our family had doubled in size but the household load felt like it had quadrupled. I realized all of my strategies managing a household before were no longer working to manage a family household. I was fortunate to have had hired help but I still felt like I spent a large amount of time muscling my way through the first year alone and then stress eating to cope. I wouldn’t let the kids nanny bathe the kids because I didn’t trust her. I’d rarely leave the house because I felt I needed to be there to supervise. I didn’t carve out any time to take care of myself. I was overstretched and exhausted with no time for my husband or my friends.

When I finally came out of the fog of survival mode, I realized why I had such a hard time. The household had scaled up and I didn’t know how to manage any of it. I couldn't manage our help because I didn’t know how to manage her,and I feared being seen mean boss. I actually thought it was my job to make her job, and everyone else’s easier.

My husband helped out as much as he could but I didn’t know how to ask him specifically what I needed help with. And frankly, I didn’t even know what needed because I had no idea how to run a household for more than the two of us. I just did it the way my mom did it. After all, she did it with 3 kids while her and my dad worked full time.

While I have alot of great memories of my mom throwing me wonderful birthday parties at Burger King and making delicious homemade cakes, I also have alot of memories of my mom being severely depressed, exhausted, quick to anger, and always struggling with her weight. 3 years and 30 lbs into my mom career, I decided to wise up. I wasn't going repeat the same story.

I started researching all the badass moms who were doing amazing in life. And there’s ALOT of them. I started reaching out to life coaches and studying up on conflict resolution. I realized I was major people pleaser and that it wasn’t doing me any good at all. I’ve decided that my mission is to help other moms (and dads) run their household in a efficient and sustainable manners so that everyone in the household could have the space and support to grow and live out to their fullest potential.

And so please stay tuned on this journey as I share tips along the way on how to get a handle of your home so you can increase the amount of magical moments you produce in it.